Grass Mud Horse – Game Jam Build Download

Grass Mud Horse is a thoroughly weird little PS2 styled game where you work on the film set of a lesbian martial arts film for a famous film auteur.

Created for the Studio 1 Physics Games Jam, Grass Mud Horse sees you taking on the role of an assistant for a famous film director called Bobby Wu. This basically boils down to you setting up the lighting according to a plan that he gives you and then filming two of the film’s stars as they make out. All the while Bobby Wu talks to you openly about what the film is and why he’s making it and why he chose the title (and he’s also adamant that it’s a fim NOT a movie!)

It only takes around 5-10 minutes to play through Grass Mud Horse, but it’s a delightful little experience with a charming retro visual style, a fun premise, hilarious dialogue and a superb soundtrack. If you only play one lesbian martial arts movie fliming simulator this year, make sure it’s this one!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Grass Mud Horse Here (Windows)