Grave – Alpha Demo


Grave is a surreal, open-world, procedural survival horror game, with day & night cycles playing a big roll.  During the day, you search for anything to help you survive, and explore to find new areas, during the night, you try to survive using light sources you’ve scavenged, and explore if you’re brave enough.

In Grave, you don’t have guns or knifes to survive but you use light as a way to defend and eliminate the creatures that’s out to get you.  This was done in Alan Wake previously, but here the light-as-a-weapon theme is far superior, with no need for guns to finish off enemies and you can use various different light sources – like putting oil on the ground and setting fire to it with matches.

It’s an atmospheric horror game with a lots of inventive ways to play, the game is scariest in the beginning, more so than later on when hordes of monsters show up, but that’s where the survival gameplay comes into play – a little less frightening, but just as fun.  With Oculus Rift Support, you can play the game in full VR if you really want to freak yourself out though!

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You can download the Alpha Demo HERE