Grave Days – Alpha Download

Grave Days is a tense and atmospheric top-down pixel art roguelite survival game which sees you attempting to scavenge, fight and survive in a zombie infested world.

In Grave Days you take on the role of a lone survivor in a procedurally generated post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. You can explore and scavenge food, medicine, crafting equipment and weapons, but you have to be careful when entering new buildings as the game uses line-of-sight mechanics, so you never know what undead hordes await behind the next corner or closed door.

There’s a nice selection of (mostly melee) weapons to discover and you can use resources you find to craft more powerful ones at crafting tables. The zombies are dumb and easy to dispatch one at a time, but they are fast and can soon overwhelm you when in groups, so you need to be careful when exploring – particularly at night when your visibility is limited. If you die you’ll start again with a brand new character, but you earn Survivor Points for each day you survive, which can be used to unlock a variety of useful perks.

It’s still early in development so is far from feature complete but there’s a lot to like about Grave Days. It’s great fun exploring the post-apocalyptic world, the UI is intuitive, it’s got a great sense of atmosphere, the zombies can be a real danger and the pixel art visuals are excellent (and fondly reminiscent of the SNES classic, Zombies Ate My Neighbors). Check out the Alpha to see how long you can survive!

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Download The Grave Days Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Linux)