GRAVEN – Beta Demo

GRAVEN is a 90’s inspired first person action adventure with puzzle elements and brutal combat, set in a dark fantasy world that’s plagued with Eldritch abominations.

Currently in development by Slipgate Ironworks (creators of Ghostrunner) and featuring character art from Chuck Jones (who worked on Duke Nukem and Half-Life), GRAVEN puts you in the role of a priest who has been exiled to a grim and dread-filled land for a crime you committed in defense of another. You’ll now venture through the land helping to alleviate suffering, punishing the corrupt and dispatching the Eldritch abominations that have begun to infest it.

The demo build of GRAVEN features a sizable chunk of the game world and sees you learning about the world and completing quests. There’s a nice selection of weapons and the combat is both brutal, fast paced and tactical, with you using a mixture of melee, ranged and spell-based weaponry to dispatch enemies. There are some challenging fights along the way but your spells can often give you an advantage and you can use them and the environment in innovative ways – such as electrocuting a pool of water to stun multiple enemies simultaneously.

At the moment it can feel like your character lacks a little direction as you wander around searching for items required for quests, but aside from that GRAVEN is a very promising game. The setting is interesting, the voice acting is excellent and the combat is fun (and satisfyingly gory). An old school dark fantasy adventure well worth delving into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The GRAVEN Beta Demo Here (Steam)