Graveyard Goldmine – Game Jam Build

Graveyard Goldine game

Graveyard Goldmine, an arcade styled mining game with zombies made for the Underground Jam, has you trying to collect as much gold as you can and escaping before you’re overrun by the zombie hordes!

You are aiming to strike it rich by mining gold on a graveyard. Which seems like a great plan, until the zombies start to show up! Your escape car is waiting for you at the edge of the graveyard as you quickly begin to mine away the gold ore underground. As you mine this gold, you can go pretty deep into the ground, digging above, below, left, or right ahead of you. Its a pretty easy job, but zombies are constantly rising from the ground.

These zombies will start off randomly shuffling around at a semi-slow pace. If they see you, however, they will start racing towards you, hoping to feast your tasty flesh. You can use your pickaxe to bash them in the face, but that doesn’t kill them. It only knocks them out for a small amount of time, giving you a little time to run away. Oh, and did we mention they can climb? Probably better than you can, so you need to hurry away from them! As nighttime falls, more and more zombies rise from the dead, so you need to get the number of gold required and head to your car before it gets too late.

Are you willing to risk your life for gold? Try and see how many days you can survive in this fast, fun and addictive mining game before the zombies make a meal out of you!

Play Graveyard Goldmine Here (Browser)