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Gravitas game

Gravitas is a brilliant first person puzzler that draws favourable comparisons to Portal, in which you explore the ‘Gallery of Refined Gravity’ with a remarkably funny robotic guide called The Curator, and attempt to solve his various cubic gravity-based puzzle installations.

In Gravitas you play a visitor who’s spaceship docks with the Gallery of Refined Gravity – an experimental gravity based cube-centric art museum that was built in space. As it was built in space, the Gallery of Refined Gravity doesn’t get that many visitors, but it also means that you get a personal guided tour from The Curator – a Wheatley-esque robot who manages and builds all the art installations in the museum. This Curator is one of the many highlights of Gravitas, with it’s animation, dialogue and voice acting all coming together to make for a fantastic little character who makes every stop of the journey a joy to play through. In fact as a character, The Curator is easily on par with Wheatley and GLaDOS.

The Curator is very keen to show off his art installations to you, but you don’t just look at them – you interact with them, solving physics based puzzles to allow you access to the next area. You do this by using the gallery’s patented ‘gravity-shooting glove’ which allows you to control gravitational fields by aiming it at certain panels. The Curators well crafted art installations will test your gravity manipulating abilities in a variety of inventive ways throughout your short stay at the museum.

Taking around an hour to complete, Gravitas impresses from start to finish with it’s high level of polish, inventive puzzle design and fantastically funny dialogue. We recommend downloading it now, playing it through, then voting for it on Greenlight. Or just vote for it on Greenlight – this is one game that has to get Greenlit – it’s easily better than 90% of the games on Steam, and could even give the mighty Portal games a run for their money. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gravitas Gameplay Video Here

Download Gravitas Here (Windows Only)