Gravity Ace – Alpha Download

Gravity Ace is a tricky 360° space shooter that draws inspiration from Thrust and Gravitar as you pilot your little spaceship on dangerous missions with very limited fuel.

The current build of Gravity Ace features three main levels and it also has a level editor that allows you to make your own. You control a little fighter ship that has to descend into caverns, retrieve (or blow up) a reactor core and then make your way to the extraction point. However, you only have a very limited amount of fuel to do so and the caverns are crawling with enemies to blast.

Your ship has momentum, much like in Thrust and Gravitar, and you only burn up fuel when you alter your speed or trajectory so the key is to use your thrusters sparingly and let your momentum take your to where you want to go. There are fuel pumps located around the levels, but they can blow up easily so you need to be careful where you’re firing. Make it to then end of the level and you’ll earn a ranking based on your time, deaths, fuel consumption and a variety of other optional objectives.

It’s a fun game that offers a nice amount of challenge (particularly if you’re chasing those higher rankings) and feels like a spiritual successor to Gravitar. It’s got an excellent pixel art visual style and attempting to control your momentum to maneuver your ship through those caverns as efficiently as possible is a blast. A great modern take on the classic arcade 360° space shooter.

Download The Gravity Ace Alpha Here (Windows, Mac and Linux)