Gravity Circuit – Beta Demo

Gravity Circuit is a Mega Man inspired pixel art action platforming adventure set in a robotic civilization that’s being threatened by the evil Virus Army.

In Gravity Circuit you take control of Kai, a lone robotic hero who uses the power of the Gravity Circuit to save his world from an old foe – the Virus Army. Kai is vastly outnumbered, but he’s agile and a formidable combatant, able to pummell enemies with a variety of melee attacks. He also has a nifty grappling hook and an assortment of abilities and special attacks that he can add to his loadout.

The Gravity Circuit demo features two large levels, each containing boss fights and hidden hostages to rescue. It offers a nice amount of challenge (though thankfully it’s a little more forgiving then the likes of Mega Man), the levels are well designed and there’s a nice flow to the gameplay. The pixel art animation is also excellent and there’s a nice selection of abilities you can add to your loadout to suit your play style. Highly recommended.

Download The Gravity Circuit Beta Demo Here (Steam)