Gravity Golf – Game Jam Build

Gravity Golf is a simple looking, but very addictive and surprisingly tough golfing game where you can’t hit the ball – all you can do is flip gravity up and down.

In each single-screen level of Gravity Golf your aim is to get the ball to the flag, but instead of aiming and hitting the ball you flip the gravity up and down. The controls are very simple – you just click the left mouse button to reverse gravity and click it again to revert it back to normal. The fact that you have no control over how the ball moves horizontally means that you have to flip the gravity at the right times to allow the contours of the course to move the ball, whilst trying to keep it away from the various hazards that will cause an instant fail.

It’s great fun and can get very addictive (and rage-inducing) once you get onto the more challenging levels. You can manage a surprising amount of control with the Gravity Golf’s unique control scheme, but it’s a tough little game with a nice selection of deviously designed courses that require real precision gravity flipping skills to navigate them. How well can you play golf with no clubs?

Play Gravity Golf Here (Browser)