Gray Robo 0.0 – Game Jam Build Download

Gray Robo 0.0 is a hilariously silly Japanese mecha-kaiju fighting game where five programming power rangers use their coding skills to beat up a rampaging robot!

Created for the UE4 Petit Con, Gray Robo 0.0 is a short and wonderfully weird little mecha-kaiju fighting game that sees five Power Ranger-esque heroes coding a giant mech to do battle with an evil mecha-kaiju that’s destroying the city. The exact details of the story are hard to tell as it’s all in Japanese but you can get the gist of what’s going on thanks to the wonderfully over the top animations and the occasional English word (such as “Live Coding”).

When you start the game your mecha-kaiju can’t move at all, so you have to “Live Code” its actions before you can perform them. This is easy enough and simply requires you to enter a sequence to button presses. Once you’ve coded an action, such as walking, punching and blocking, you can use it as much as you like to try and defeat your opponent. The other mecha-kaiju has a longer reach than you though so you need to get in close, try to attack as quickly as possible and use counters. When you’ve dealt enough damage to your opponent then you can then finish it off with a spectacular finishing move.

The Live Coding is pretty simple and the fact that it’s all in Japanese means you won’t know entirely what’s going on, but nevertheless, Gray Robo 0.0 is a blast. There’s a delightfully quirky charm to the game, cutscenes are hilarious and giant robots battling each other is always fun. A coding robo-rumble well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Gray Robo 0.0 Here (Windows)