Gray Zone – Alpha Demo

Gray Zone is a narrative-driven Commandos-esque tactical RTS with RPG and stealth elements that follows a slave as they rebel against a corrupt government in a dystopian future.

Playing a little like a blend of Fallout and Commandos, Gray Zone is a tactical RTS that takes place in a galaxy that’s ruled by a corrupt government. You take on the role of Valern, a slave who is destined for great things and who will explore colonized planets, recruit allies and fight enemy soldiers and deadly local wildlife – all accompanied by an AI who may not be an AI and certainly doesn’t like being called one!

The RTS gameplay in Gray Zone plays a little like the Commandos games, with you commanding small squads as they complete missions. There are often multiple ways to tackle enemies and a full frontal assault is rarely the best one – stealth and strategy are key here. There’s a nice assortment of weapons and you can even drive vehicles. Enemies aren’t just cannon fodder either – they react intelligently to your actions so you need to take care when taking them on.

It’s an impressive game that delivers a deeply strategic RTS experience with an intriguing story, a good sense of character progression and an interesting setting. If you’re looking for some Commandos style RTS gameplay with a bit more depth and a good story, you may want to take a trip to the Gray Zone.

Download The Gray Zone Alpha Demo Here (Steam)