Great North Shelter 2 – Beta Demo

Great North Shelter 2 is a surreal, silly and spooky fourth-wall breaking walking simulator that seems to be a sequel to a game that never existed.

In Great North Shelter 2 you will explore a beautiful mountain forest that’s filled with strange landmarks and bizarre occurrences. Perhaps one of the weirder ones being that there never was a first Great North Shelter game for this to be a sequel to.

The demo build of Great North Shelter 2 takes around 20 minutes to play through and sees you walking along a forest trail to a house which contains an object that makes things considerably more spooky. There are some genuinely creepy moments, but it’s also got a very playful Stanley Parrable-esque sense of humor and there are lots of fun little easter eggs to discover along the way. Who knows, maybe in the full game, we’ll also discover what happened to the first game!

Download the Great North Shelter 2 Beta Demo Here (Steam)