Greed – Beta Demo

Greed is a beautifully animated Soulsian 2D action RPG adventure set in a dealy land that’s been beset by plague, barbarians and monsters.

In Greed you take on the role of a lone knight who is one of the few forces of good in a land that’s fallen to plague and corruption. The gameplay feels very Soulsian, with melee based combat, a stamina bar and every enemy encounter capable of killing yo if you’re not careful. It only takes a few hits to kill you, so you really have to learn enemy attacks, block, dodge and time your attacks – even a wild boar can kick your ass if you’re not careful

The Greed Beta demo build features a sizeable chunk of the game world, with two bosses to dispatch and around an hour’s worth of gameplay. Killing enemies earns you XP which you can use to level up stats at bonfire checkpoints. As you explore you’ll also discover new weapons and special equipment that can give you useful buffs.

It’s an impressive game, with high quality animation, high-stakes tactical combat and some very challenging boss fights that keep you coming back for one more go. A brutally tough, but rewarding action RPG adventure with a fantastic cartoony animation style. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Greed Here (Steam)