Greedventory – Beta Demo

Greedventory is a lighthearted fantasy action RPG adventure set in a world where magical artefacts are outlawed by a nefarious brotherhood that rules with an iron fist.

In Greedventory you are a young adventurer who sets out on a quest with a magical imp who lives in his backpack. Magical artefacts are common in your world, but they are being confiscated and hoarded by an ancient brotherhood. However, your adventures may help shift the balance of power.

As you explore Greedventory’s quirky fantasy world you’ll meet NPCs, battle monsters, complete quests and collect loot. The combat system is quite unique, with you standing opposite your enemies as in a turn-based RPG, but using the mouse to battle them in real time. This allows you to block and deflect attacks, heal and unleash a variety of different attacks on your enemies.

The blocking/parrying window could probably be a little more lenient, but other than that it’s a great game with lots of great gags, an interesting world and an engaging combat system. Highly recommended.

Download The Greedventory Beta Demo Here (Steam)