Greedy Guns – Beta Download

greedy guns

Greedy Guns is an awesome new metroidvania with fast paced run and gun combat inspired by classic arcade shooters such as Meta Slug, Contra and Gunstar Heroes.

Featuring a tongue-in-cheek storyline that involves you (and a friend) playing as HOLOCORP mercenaries sent to pre-emptively attack alien worlds and relieve them of their resources.  You embark on a bullet filled adventure, eviscerating the alien foe that stand between you and your paycheque.

Your enemies may not be as technologically advanced as you, but they’re still pretty deadly, attacking in force and in numbers.  Luckily as in any metroidvania worth it’s salt, you’re able to unlock upgrades to aid your progress and purchase new weaponry with your ill gotten gains.

With vibrant visuals, satisfying arcade combat, metroidvania-style exploration and a great sense of humor, Greedy Guns is a hoot.  Suit up, boot up, and blast some alien scum (then sell them some guns).

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available