Greenlander – Kickstarter Demo

Greenlander is a brutal top-down Hotline Miami-esque action game where a Norse settler wreaks revenge on sea pirates that destroyed his home.

In Greenlander you step into the shoes of a Norseman who returned to his home in Greenland to find that it had been destroyed by sea pirates. You’ll now draw on the wrath of your Viking ancestors and leave a trail of bodies in your wake as you seek vengeance.

The gameplay in Greenlander is fast, fun and brutal. It plays similarly to Hotline Miami, but there are some significant differences. There are no guns, but you can pick up and throw objects, such as boxes to knock enemies over (and then stamp on their head to kill them). Also, you have a round-shield, which you can use to charge through attacks and knock enemies over. You need to charge up your rage meter to use it though, which you do by killing an enemy – which allows you to create brutal chains of killing and shield-bashing that can eliminate several enemies in seconds.

The Greenlander demo is pretty short and bare-bones (and it could do with adding a little contrast to allow you to see your character easier), but the pixel artwork is excellent and there’s a great flow to the combat. It’s a very promising twist on the Hotline Miami formula filled with brutal axe-wielding violence.

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