Greetings – Game Jam Build

Greetings, a quirky QWOP-styled game made for the A Game By It’s Cover 2017, has you mastering secret handshakes to make friends with the guests at a rooftop party!

In Greetings you have arrived at the party your friend is hosting. It turns out everyone there has their own secret handshakes for you to mimic. These handshakes won’t be easy, but you will need to master them to become friends with everyone there. You are able to control each finger of your hand as well as the rotation of your palm, each with a different key. This may sound confusing, but as with any good QWOP-like, it’s meant to be! Once you have copied your potential new friend’s hand shape, you must then bash your hands together to complete the handshake – but you need to be quick, you don’t want to leave them hanging!

Each character has a different thing to say to you before starting up the handshake. If you feel you need some practice before trying to befriend real people, a robot sits in the corner next to the instruction board to help you out. You can also pick up various objects around the rooftop and toss them if you’d like – it’s a party and parties are bound to be a bit messy!

Greetings is a wonderful little experience, with it’s charming visual style, fun sense of humor, and quirky people to shake hands with and befriend. A fabulous little party full of potential fist-bumping friends!

Download Greetings Here (Windows & Mac)