GRIDBERD – Beta Demo


GRIDBERD is a very freaky first person survival horror with near photo-realistic CryEngine-powered visuals and plenty of terrifying scares.

Starting off chained to a chair, about to undergo a Hostel-esque bit of torture in the hands of an axe wielding maniac, you’re granted a temporary reprieve from your doom and use it as a chance to escape.  You find that you’re in the abandoned mansion of the Jonson family, and Kary Jonson is the axe wielding psychopath that’s rather set on cleaving your skull in two.

There are hints of influences from Amnesia, Saw, Hostel and P.T. as you take in the beautifully rendered decor of the mansion.  There’s a constant sense of dread as you explore the dank, dark areas of the mysterious mansion, with the threat of a premature death hiding behind every corner.  You will die in GRIDBERD, sometimes out of the blue, but often it’s a necessity as it will trigger other events.

The Beta Demo offers up a sizable chunk of the game, and even in these early stages of production it’s a fantastic looking and highly polished experience that easily matches P.T.s near photo-realistic visuals.  A finely crafted first person horror that really gets under your skin.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available