Grim Clicker – Beta Download

Grim Clicker is an addictive idle RPG clicker where you level up, learn new skills, collect loot and battle monsters while clicking your way through a dark fantasy world inspired by Diablo, Grim Dawn and Dark Souls.

In Grim Clicker your character continually runs through various areas of a dark fantasy world and hacks away at any monsters that get in his way. He will auto-attack, but he will also attack faster if you click on the screen. As you progress you fight bosses, travel to new areas, earn XP, level up, learn new skills and collect better loot.

Grim Clicker is essentially doing the same things all incremental clickers do (making you excited about numbers going up), but the fantasy RPG setting works very well, the pixel art animation is excellent and there are plenty of lovely upgrades to unlock. A lot more fun than the grinding you have to do on some traditional RPGs!

Download The Grim Clicker Beta Here (Steam)