Grim Express – Game Jam Build

Grim Express is a fun little murder mystery game set aboard a train heading to Moscow, in which you have to search for clues, talk to witnesses and figure out which of your three suspects committed a murder.

In Grim Express a renowned Doctor has been murdered in cold blood during a power outage on a train bound for Moscow. There are lots of people on the train, but only three with clear motives for killing the him. Time to use your sleuthing skills to get to the bottom of this case!

There are some physical clues littered around the train, but you’ll get most of your information by talking to witnesses. The three suspects are the most chatty, but the other passengers do offer up vital pieces of information too (and they have no reason to lie).

It’s a very enjoyable little murder mystery with a great visual style and a premies that makes you feel like Poirot on the Orient Express. Once you discover enough clues it’s not too hard to deduce who did it, but it’s fun unravelling the narrative and prising the truth from the three suspects who are all hiding something. Will you figure out whodunnit?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Grim Express Here (Windows)