Grim Fantasy – Game Jam Build Download

Grim Fantasy

Grim Fantasy, a miniLD #63 game, is an addictive dungeon crawler that has you completing quests for the good of the town.

It’s a challenging game, in which you attempt to become the hero of the town. The townsfolk have lost different things in the local caves, due to some strange curse. They look for you, the only person with a sword, to help get these items back. The person you meet has lost her bracelet in the cave. You must venture forth and try to make it through the increasingly challenging levels of the cave network.  Defeat all of the enemies on a given level and you’ll receive a key. With that key, you can open a chest and get gold. On the second level of each cave there is a special item. This item can be taken to the town lab so that the scientist can figure out with it is. These items will be super helpful when it comes to the boss fight.

You must time your sword swings well, hitting slimes so that they die in a burst of coins. You have a limited number of health and monsters respawn if you return to their level of the cave. Keep this in mind this means if you try to leave to gain some health, you will have to continue fighting your way out!  Can you save the town from there curse and help the citizens out?

Download Grim Fantasy Here (Win Only)