Grimmwood – Open Beta

Grimmwood is a social multiplayer survival RPG with roguelike elements, that sees you and up to thirty other players exploring, crafting, fighting and defending your shared village from monsters who attack each night.

In Grimmwood you take up residence in a village located deep within an ageless, mystical forest. You explore the surrounding procedurally generated forrest during the day, discovering points of interest, gathering resources and battling enemies you come across, then take shelter in the village at night – defending it against the hordes of monsters that attack.

Every action you take in Grimmwood costs energy and you’ll also have to keep your sanity, health, hunger and thirst levels in check. You’re not alone though – there can be up to 30 other players taking up residence in the village too. You all play asynchronously, but you can all chip in to gather resources for the stores and fortify the defenses. You can be selfish and not help out if you like, you’ll just be ruining your own chances of survival and those who don’t contribute are likely to be voted out of the village.

It’s an interesting game that plays a little like a slower paced and more tactical Don’t Starve, but with more of a focus on teamwork and base building. The social aspect makes you feel like part of a team as 30 strangers band together to fend off the forces of darkness. It’s nice to have some allies in a forest full of darkness.

Download The Grimmwood Beta Here (Steam)