Grimoire: Manastorm – Early Access Key Giveaway (Steam)

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To celebrate the release of Grimoire: Manastorm on Early Access, the good folks at Omniconnection have given us 50 Steam Keys to giveaway!

It’s a fast paced first/third person team based spell-casting shooter with MOBA-esque battles between two powerful wizard factions.  As you battle for supremacy across medieval maps, you have a variety of powerful spells at your fingertips, all of which can be countered if you’re quick enough, making for strategic matches with lots of depth.

The two factions of wizards are locked in a brutal struggle over the supremely Grimoire, the power of which will decide the fate of the Empire.  There are a various game modes, taking inspiration from Battlefield, Team Fortress 2, DOTA and Counterstrike, including chaotic 8v8 matches with destructible terrain and a horde-seque co-op mode.

It’s a fun game, full of spell-based wizardy combat that’s fast, fun and tactical, with wonderfully chaotic battles and snazzy spells – making Grimoire a (mana) blast to play.

Watch a the Latest Trailer HERE

Purchase Grimoire: Manastorm on Steam HERE (50% off until the 11th Feb)

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