Grimstorm – Game Jam Build Download


Grimstorm is essentially Dark Souls (or Bloodborne) distilled into a super tough 2D pixel art adventure, complete with deadly enemies, huge bosses, upgrades and unlockable shortcuts.

Created for #AdventureJam 2015 and inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Dark Souls and Shovel Knight, Grimstorm sees you storming Castle Grimstorm, a place of terror and very tough enemies.  Much like Dark Souls, you can’t just hack and slash your way through these enemies – you have to use tactics and precision timing to dispatch your foe.  Make no mistake, you will die a LOT, but you’ll learn from your mistakes, and if you’re lucky, you’ll make it far enough to find an upgrade or unlock a shortcut.

With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to dispatch foes with (relative) ease, but you’ll still crap yourself when you come face to face with the boss!  Deliciously dangerous Dark Souls-ian Castle Storming!

Watch us die a lot HERE – Apologies for frame-rate (video capture was acting up)

Download Grimstorm HERE (Windows Only)