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Grind Day is a fun and very tough old school side scrolling skateboarding action game in which you skate, kick-flip and grind your way through a deadly world that’s been conquered by evil robots.

Grind Day draws inspiration from the Playstation and 16bit era of gaming, as well as the pop and punk culture of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, with challenging retro gameplay, stylish pixel art visuals and a very silly plot about the Y2K bug turning everyone into evil robots. It blends arcade platforming and runner-style gameplay, with you constantly moving forwards, but able to affect your speed, jump heights and attacks as you kick-flip your way through the levels.

It’s a surprisingly tough game, with lots of robots to avoid or jump on and fiendishly designed levels that harbour lots of small computer screens that will insta-kill you if you hit them. It’s easy to forgive the punishing difficulty level though as the game world is so fun to traverse on your skateboard – full of humor, cheery pixel art visuals and catchy retro chip-tunes. A retro robot wrecking rampage well worth rolling with.

Vote For Grind Day on Greenlight and Download the Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)

1 thought on “Grind Day – Alpha Demo”

  1. This game is an absolute blast.
    Tough as any old school game, also fun and hilarious.
    On their steam greenlight they have an updated demo that’s even better.

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