Gringochet – Game Jam Build


Gringochet, a pixel art puzzler made for the Spaghetti Western Jam, has you bouncing your bullet all around the saloon as you try to kill cowboys and not shoot yourself!

Some unwelcome cowboys are looking to rob the saloon. You, with only one bullet, must take care of them – all of them.  Quite often, there are objects in your way such as tables, shelfs, barrels and booze, so you’ll have to ricochet your bullet around them, or use them to your advantage to save the saloon.

Gringochet starts off fairly easily with just one cowboy to take care of, but soon more start to appear. This is when objects such as paintings, large light fixtures, and even bottles become your friend. You can fire at them and knock them onto enemies, allowing you to take out more than one cowboy with one bullet and racking up more points in the process.  Soon, the cowboys even start to shoot back, so you’ll have to contend with deflecting their bullets too.

It’s a simple premise very well done, creating a fun and addictive bit of ricochet shooting action.  How many cowboys can you defeat with one bullet?

Play Gringochet in Unity Supported Browser Here