Groaning Steel – Game Jam Build

Groaning Steel is a bizarre PS1-era styled horror stunt racing game where you drive vehicles made of flesh and bone around a hellish race track and complete specific objectives to appease the Fleshsteel God.

Created by Modus interactive (creator of Siren Head and PC_001), Groaning Steel features a wonderfully weird blend of stunts, exploration, horror and racing as you complete objectives and unlock new vehicles. It takes place in the year 199X, were the human race is on the verge of extinction and flash rains from the skies, fusing metal and bone to create grotesque living vehicles whose sole purpose is to serve the Fleshsteel God.

There’s only one track in Groaning Steel, but it will take some time to complete as there are five different unique objectives to carry out. These objectives include completing your race before the timer expires, scoring 300,000 stunt points, running over pedestrians, finding 5 “PowerMeats” and to “free the captured vessel”. Some of these are fairly easy to complete, but to find those PowerMeats you’ll have to do some serious off-roading!

The car handling is pretty tricky and takes a lot of getting used to, with the cars prone to powersliding even when you don’t want them to. Once you get used to the handling you can get some decent lap times though and even pull off some sick stunts. The retro PS1 styled visuals looks fantastic and the soundtrack is excellent. The track is full of jumps, weird monstrosities and shortcuts to discover, and there’s nothing like the ever looming presence of a massive Lovecraftian tentacle monster to add a bit of atmosphere! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Groaning Steel Here (Windows)