Ground Branch – Tech Demo Download

ground branch

Ground Branch is an impressive true tactical first/third person shooter in which the devs are aiming to achieve every possible realistic action from studying real life special operators – from how they handle their guns, to their movements and tactical strategies.

Based on the real life subsection of the Special Activities Division of the CIA, the Special Activities Division carries our deniable ops and is usually on the scene before any other military special forces.  Ground Breach is very much on the simulation end of the FPS spectrum, with deliberate, cerebral and gritty gameplay.

The devs plan to re-introduce the meaning of death into the FPS genre (something which games like CoD have desensitised us to), with real impact to your actions.  Also, multiplayer firefights won’t feature any form of artificial balancing – good teamwork, careful choices and real skill are the only ways to win in Ground Branch.

It’s been a while since we had a truly great tactical shooter, but Ground Branch is looking very promising indeed.  It’s still very early in development, but it already impresses with it’s excellent visuals and authentic approach to warfare.

UPDATE: This Tech Demo Is No Longer Available