Grow Your Love – Game Jam Build

Grow Your Love

Grow Your Love, a cute Wario Ware styled game made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you completing mini games to grow a loving bond with your girlfriend.

Getting someone to fall in love with you is quite complicated. It takes time, dedication, and effort. In this adorable little game, you meet a girl on the dance floor. To impress her with your epic moves, you must copy the side that she dances too. The more accurate your dance moves are, the more impressive you seem. After you have gotten her attention, you must start on a quest to gain her love.

You take part in activities, such as writing a love letter as fast as possible, making a homemade scarf, texting in the middle of the night, and pointing out the shooting stars on a date. All of these little games only take two buttons to control. They are fairly simple to understand, but come with a quick demo to explain what you are doing and add to the story. At the end of each chapter in your love life, your heart will grow with your score. The better you do, the more in love you both will be.

Grow Your Love impresses with it’s charming premise, great pixel art animation and whimsical mini-games.  How will you fare in this game of love?

Play Grow Your Love Here (Browser)

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