Grunn – Beta Demo

Grunn is a quirky, chilled out and spooky gardening game where you tend to a garden and discover lots of dead bodies.

Currently in development by Sokpop Collective, Grunn plays like a blend of Sludge Life, a gardening sim and a horror game. You are a gardener who has been hired to do some maintenance work on a garden over the weekend. The owner isn’t around but he’s left some instructions and some tools (if you can find them).

Grunn has a day/night cycle and you only have two days to complete your work so you need to hussle. You earn cash for every completed task (which you’ll need for your bus fare home), so once you find all the tools you can just stick to gardening if you like. However, there’s a dark mystery and lots of little secrets to discover if you fancy taking a break from cutting grass.

The Grunn demo features a sizeable chunk of gameplay and has five different endings for you to discover (including the true ending). It’s a lot of fun and does a great job of blending the wholesome setting, vibrant visuals and horror. The garden is a delightful place to hang around during the day, but things get a whole lot more sinister when the sun goes down. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Grunn Gameplay Video

Download The Grunn Beta Demo Here (Steam)