GRUNND – Beta Sign Up

GRUNND is an atmospheric Sci-Fi mystery point and click adventure set in a mysterious town that’s home to dark secrets and lurking gods.

Drawing inspiration from the world of David Lynch and Franz Kafka, there’s an otherworldly feeling to the surreal nightmarish world of GRUNND. In the game you are a visitor to a strange little town that’s filled with a thick air of mystery. The locals aren’t particularly helpful and they all seem to be in on a secret that you don’t know. As you explore you’ll help the locals, earn their trust and hopefully learn what’s really going on in the town.

It’s a beautiful game with a very tense and oppressive atmosphere and a feeling that you’ve stepped into a surreal shadowy nightmare. It’s a narrative-rich experience, with high quality writing and plenty of lore to learn. Sign up for the Beta to hit the GRUNND running!

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