Guàishòu 怪兽 – Prototype Download

Guàishòu 怪兽 is a tense and atmospheric little 2D horror game where you use a special gun to clear a way through a forest area that’s filled with freaky vegetation and monsters.

Created by students at Technocité Belgium, Guàishòu 怪兽 is a creepy little side-scrolling horror game where a mysterious stranger uses a Ghostbusters Proton Pack-esque weapon to dispatch grotesque monsters in an overgrown forest. As you make your way through the forest you can aim your gun with the mouse and focus the shot using the right mouse button, with it often taking several shots to defeat the monsters you encounter.

At the moment the gameplay Guàishòu 怪兽 is a little too basic and the gun isn’t much fun to use, but the artwork is fantastic and it’s an interesting setting that it would be nice to learn more about. The monster designs are particularly impressive, with each one you encounter being more grotesque and terrifying than the last. If the devs could back up the art design with some more exciting gameplay it could be a lot of fun.

Download The Guàishòu 怪兽 Prototype Here (Windows)