Guardian Stone – Beta Sign Up (Mobile)

guardian stone

Guardian Stone is a great looking turn based adventure RPG for iOS and Android where you play as a tongue-in-cheek take on classic dungeon crawling style heroes, who are flanked by a team of warrior spirits called Guardians (who do all the hard work).

You’ll control one of three heroes, battling goblins, orcs, tree-ents and dragons as you journey across vast glacial mountains and demon filled forests as you uncover the mystery of the guardian stones.  As you continue on your quest, you’ll unlock more warriors, customize and level up your character.

Nominated in for a Unity award for best 3D Visual Experience, Guardian Stone is a very good looking game, surpassing some console and PC games with it’s impressive visuals.  An epic sized, epic looking and pleasantly humorous turn based RPG squashed into your phone or tablet.

Check out the trailer HERE

Sign Up For the Guardian Stone Beta HERE

2 thoughts on “Guardian Stone – Beta Sign Up (Mobile)”

  1. lol this was nominated for best 3d visual experience? well then there must have really been no good looking games in unity that year. except i know there were loads and most of them look way better.

    • Please don’t take the gifs on this site as a true representation of visual quality. Images are drastically compressed so that they don’t affect load speeds. I’d recommend checking out the trailer for a better idea of the games graphical capabilities. Which, considering it’s a mobile game, are very good indeed. :)

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