Guardians of Ember – Beta Download

Guardians of Ember is a massively multiplayer hack n’ slash RPG that plays like a blend of World of Warcraft and Diablo as you team up with other players to save your world from the forces of darkness.

Originally available on Steam, but delisted last year due to review manipulation, Guardians of Ember is making a comeback as a standalone download. It’s a MMORPG adventure with Diablo-esque hack n’ slash combat, four races, six different character classes, massive amounts of character customization options, over 300 skills to learn, multi-difficulty dungeons, crafting, house building, PvP arena combat and horde mode combat.

It’s an impressive game that’s worth checking out for a bit of massively multiplayer hack n’ slash fun. Those who played previous iterations of Guardians of Ember game will be rewarded with a variety of valuable items via a Veterans Reward Program, and players that take part in the Beta will be rewarded with an exclusive-in game title.

Download The Guardians of Ember Beta Here (Windows)