Guedin’s Attack on Titan Fan Game – Prototype Download

guedins attack on titan fan game

Guedin’s Attack on Titan Fan Game is a superb looking new fan made game based on the Attack on Titan anime series that features awesome dual-grappling hook-wielding, wall running feats of agility as you traverse the game maps.

Guedin’s Attack on Titan Fan Game is still VERY early in development, but from what we’ve seen so far it shows a lot of promise, especially with the excellent character movement that mimics the grappling hook-based propulsion of the Anime series perfectly.  The current build of the game offers a tutorial and a few racing tracks to breeze through, with a future update adding the full survival mode, coop and combat against those gigantic Titans.

There is an official Attack on Titan game (for PS3, PS4 & Vita) in production, and we’ve already featured another excellent Chibi-style Attack on Titan Fan Game on ABG before, but we certainly cant wait to see more of Guedin’s creation.  An amazing fan game with a production quality that certainly looks set to give the official game for the series a run for its money!

Check Out a Video the Awesome Feats of Agility Possible Here

Download the Guedin’s Attack on Titan Fan Game Prototype Here