Guinea Pig Parkour – Pre-Alpha Demo

Guinea Pig Parkour is a 90’s cartoon TV show inspired parkour platforming adventure where you Run, jump, swing, flip, vault, climb, crawl through its beautiful hand-drawn world!

It may draw inspiration from 90’s cartoons, but in reality the quality of the animation in Guinea Pig Parkour far surpasses anything you’ll have sat down and watched on TV on a 90’s Saturday morning. In The game you take control of a caffeine loving guinea-pig who races through levels collecting enough coffee to break your way through the end of each level.

The current Guinea Pig Parkour demo is essentially a long tutorial, but it allows you to get to grips with your parkour-loving guinea pig’s extensive move-set. The platfomring gameplay feels a little similar to Earthworm Jim, but you have far more moves up your sleeve, including wall-winning, wall-jumping, a Sonic-esque spin, hurdling, back-flipping, back-slide jumping, climbing and air-duking (among others). You can also kick, air-kick and do a nifty elbow-drop. This guinea pig is more mobile than the protagonist in an Assassins Creed game!

At the moment there’s something about the level design that doesn’t quite Gell with the free-flowing parkour movement of your little guinea pig (a more open and speed-orientated Sonic-esque layout may work better), but it is still early in development and it’s clear that the current levels are essentially a long tutorial (footage in trailers of other levels looks a lot better). Your little acrobatic rodent certainly has the moves and once the level design catches up this will be a surefire hit. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Download the Beta Demo Here (Steam)