Gun Bombers – Alpha Download

gun bombers

Gun Bombers is an awesome mix of Bomberman and Terraria, that pits 6 players against each other in top down online arena action with customisable load-outs, randomly generated maps and fully destructible terrain.

After purchasing a load-out with a set amount of cash, players start each player starts at opposite sides/corners of the screen as in Bomberman, and must then dig, shoot and blast their way towards their opponents.  On the way you’ll come across hidden treasure, which can be used to purchase new weapons.  Reach your opponents and it’s time to rain bullets and explosives on them until one of you is declared the winner.

With chaotic multiplayer battles and a nice selection of weaponry, it’s a blast to play – the best Bomberman game to be released for years (although there’s not much competition!)

Note: Port Forwarding Must Be Enabled On Your Router (Port 55555)

Download the Gun Bombers Alpha HERE

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    • Sorry to hear that man. The games we feature are still in dev so will still have bugs. Dumb question, but I’m guessing your firewall wasn’t blocking it?

  1. Dev here. Haven’t heard of issues yet regarding hosting a game as long as the port has been successfully opened through your router. When you are trying to host a game you can alt-tab and browse to just to double-check as well – if it fails for port 55555 then your port definitely is not open and I would look into a guide such as Sorry the hosting is a bit of a pain at the moment, hopefully will have it more straightforward in the future.

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