Gunblocks – Beta Demo

Gunblocks is a lighthearted strategic puzzle adventure that blends Tetris with artillery combat and tactical turn-based gameplay as you use tetrominoes to alter the layout of the world around you.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014 , Gunblocks is a puzzle adventure with tactical turn-based gameplay which follows a race of sentient cannons as they attempt to rebuild their crashed spaceship. After your ship crashes you step into the shoes of the brave little cannon thingy who goes in search of the parts required to fix it.

Each turn you take is split up into a block-laying phase, an action phase and a movement phase. Your character can move three spaces at a time but cannot jump gaps or scale walls more than one block high. You can alter the terrain though by placing tetrominoes that drop from the top of the screen during the block-laying phase. This can make the terrain easier to pass through and can help give you higher ground. During combat you can aim your cannon at enemies or parts of the environment and the higher your character is, the larger the range their cannon has.

Tetris and turn-based tactics does seem like an odd mix, but it works surprisingly well and it makes for a very addictive and unique gameplay experience. The pixel art animation is excellent and the game has a lot of charm and a delightful sense of humor. A quirky blocky adventure well worth embarking on.

Download The Gunblocks Beta Demo Here (Steam)