Gunbrella – Beta Demo

Gunbrella is a noir-punk action platforming adventure where a woodsman with a gun/umbrella hybrid goes on a quest for vengeance.

Currently in development by doinksoft (creators of Gato Roboto), Gunbrella is a fast and fluid narrative-driven action adventure set in a work that’s running out of its precious natural resource (not too hard to imagine these days). On your adventure you’ll travel to various towns, meet the locals, complete side-quests and battle an assortment of ghouls and gangsters, cops and cutlists, all while unravelling a story of corporate exploitation.

You only have one weapon to aid you but it’s a pretty special one – a mysterious gun/umbrella hybrid. Not only can it equip various types of ammo (shotgun, grenade, etc.), but it can also deflect bullets, propel you through the air, allow you to bounce on hard surfaces and slow your descent. It’s a nifty bit of kit, which allows for a high amount of mobility and satisfying close quarters kills.

The Gunbrella demo takes around 45 minutes to play through and really impresses with its stylish pixel art visuals, fluid gameplay and interesting game world. There’s lots to discover, it’s got a good sense of humor and the combat is a lot of fun. The best use of a gun umbrella since Danny Devito’s Penguin in Batman Returns!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Gunbrella Beta Demo Here (Steam)