Gundam Versus – Open Beta (PS4)

Gundam Versus Open Beta

Gundam Versus has entered open Beta on PS4 on Playstation 4, with North American and European owners able to download and join in the multiplayer Mobile Suit carnage now!

The Gundam Versus is the fifth instalment of the popular series, but the first that’s been available in the West, and continues the tradition of multiplayer mech mangling battles. The open Beta allows players to pilot Mobile Suits from across the entire series history in Player Match, 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 Casual Match, Ultimate Battle, Trial Battle and Free Battle modes.

This is the first outing for Gundam Versus on Playstation 4 and it really seems to up the ante with its fast paced, spectacle-filled mech-on-mech combat. Well worth checking out for fans of the series and fighting games alike.

Download The Gundam Versus Via The PSN Store Here (North America) or Here (Europe)