GunDrill – Alpha Demo

GunDrill is a beautifully animated 2D action platforming adventure where you shoot, drill and gather ore in monster-filled mines.

In GunDrill you take on the role of a mysterious soldier who helps gather ore and bring it back to a train that’s travelling through an alien world. The mines in the planet are rich with ore, but they’re also filled with monsters. Thankfully though you have a nifty GunDrill, which as the name suggests, can be used as a gun or a drill!

Your GunDrill can be aimed in four different directions (with you actually riding it you aim it down) and you can tap a direction twice to activate the gun element of it. The drill mode is only really effective for drilling through destructible blocks (and is oddly totally ineffective against enemies) while the gun mode can be used for blasting enemies and destroying blocks (though not as well as the drill).

The current build of GunDrill does feel a little too easy, but it’s a promising start and impresses with its high quality pixel art, interesting game world and fun action platforming gameplay. Your GunDrill is particularly enjoyable to use and it would be nice to see how you could upgrade it in future builds.

Play the GunDrill Alpha Demo Here (Browser)