– Open Beta is a fun multiplayer browser based gunfight that sees two teams of players using sniper guns to pick each other off from behind cover.

In two teams of players face off against each other, with a team on each side of the 2.5D arenas and low structures that players can duck behind to avoid gunfire. While behind the cover you’re safe from enemy sniper shots but to shoot at an enemy you have to pop your head up and expose yourself to enemy fire. Most of the arenas also have unique hazards and rockets that will damage opponents even if they’re behind cover. Matches are fast paced and are over in a few minutes, with the team that earns the most kills being crowned the winners.

It’s a simple but fun multiplayer sniping game that’s all about precision aiming and being quick with your trigger finger. A fab little browser based cover shooter well worth training your sights on.

Play The Beta Here (Browser)