Gunnihilation – Alpha Demo

Gunnihilation download

Gunnihilation is a super cool side scrolling arcade game inspired by classics like Contra and Smash TV, in which one to four players embark on an intense bullet hell run and gun adventure in which the corpses REALLY pile up.

In Gunnihilation you control one of four elite super soldiers sent on a mission to take down a shadow cabal that’s hatching evil schemes across the planet. You have a nice selection of weapons, special abilities and a high powered Rage Mode to help take down the swarms of enemies that charge at you in the Smash TV-esque arenas you encounter as you travel through the levels. The amount of enemies and bullets on screen at one time means that Gunnihilation often resembles a bullet hell shoot-em-up more than a traditional arcade platforming shooter – which makes for an intense and delightfully chaotic experience. Another nice touch is that the enemies dead bodies don’t just disappear when you shoot them – instead leaving constantly growing piles of corpses on the floor as testament to what a badass action hero you are.

The Gunnihilation Alpha demo build offers up a sizeable section of the game and really impresses with it’s big, bold, brash visuals and fun run n’ gun bullet hell action. We really can’t wait to sample more of this thoroughly enjoyable blast of old school arcade mayhem.

Check Out The Gunnihilation Greenlight Page Here

Download The Gunnihilation Alpha Demo Build Here (Windows)