Gunnihilation – Prototype


Gunnihilation is a fast, colourful and rather violent run n gun arcade shooter with ragdoll effects and plenty of carnage.

The game is early in development, but the current prototype includes 19 levels (including 4 boss levels) all created with a wonderful retro pixel art graphical style.  Gameplay is fast and fun, with the customisable dificulty settings (with score multipliers) and a system that rewards quick and agressive play, geared towards chasing those elusive high scores.

The foundations of the game are certainly thoroughly entertaining, and there are significant upgrades and fixes in the works, such as the addition of a story, music and bug fixes.  The dev also plans to rebuild/expand it in something that’s not flash.  Going by chaotic fun that the prototype offers, Gunnihilation is certainly worth keeping an eye on, and looks set to offer Broforce levels of Pixellated brutality.

You can follow the dev on Twitter, artwork was done by Robo Pixel Games

Play the Prototype HERE