Gunplay – Beta Download


Gunplay is a Sci-Fi action platformer that draws comparisons to Mega man, but with 360° aiming and lots of guns – LOTS of very large, very powerful guns.

There’s a large focus on customisation in Gunplay, the sheer volume of choice can be a little overwhelming when you first start out and the system for selecting your weaponry is can be a little confusing (when in the armoury, click on ‘primary’, ‘secondary’ or ‘back-up’ with the mouse pointer).  But once you figure it out it’s great fun experimenting with the wide variety of unique and inventive  weaponry.

While graphically it’s reminiscent of Mega Man, the level design feels more like Castlevania or Metroid, with large open levels which you are free to explore and kill things in.  Gunplay’s shaping up to be a great game, and there’s plenty of fun to be had from experimenting with the weaponry and gadgets.  It’s due to start a Steam Greenlight campaign soon so be sure to keep keep an eye out and give it a vote!

Download the Beta HERE (Win & Mac)