Guns ’n’ Stallions – Game Jam Build Download

Guns n Stallions Game Download

Guns ’n’ Stallions is a short and super stylish CGA wild west train robbery game in which you board a train, blast bad guys and collect bags of cash.

The gameplay in Guns ’n’ Stallions is pretty simple, offering a fun blend of side-scrolling horseback combat and third person pseudo 3D run and gun combat as you make your way through the train. It’s not too challenging, you can dodge bullets daily easily, there’s plenty of health pick-ups and you can use boxes as cover wherever you need to reload, but there’s wonderfully nostalgic feeling to the visuals and gameplay that makes Guns ’n’ Stallions such a joy to play as you blast your way through the carriages.

It’s s very stylish and fun slice of retro arcade action. The only issue is that it’s pretty short and can be completed in just a few minutes – but as the current build is classed as a ‘Pre-Alpha’, hopefully that means the dev planning to continue development of the game. We certainly hope so as we’d love to see more of this retro CGA Wild West world!

Note: To shoot your gun you need to hold the right mouse button to aim, then press the left mouse button to fire.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Guns ’n’ Stallions Here (Windows)