GUNS UP! – Open Beta (Steam)

GUNS UP! Is an addictive side-scrolling blend of tower defense and real time strategy that sees you deploying units to blow up other players bases whilst earning cash to upgrade your own.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta on PS4GUNS UP! Offers fast, fun and easily accessible strategic warfare from a team whose members have previously worked on inFAMOUS and League of Legends. It features cross platform play between PS4 and PC, and sees you attempting to destroy your opponents bases and defending your own.

The gameplay in GUNS UP! is broken down into three different main modes – offence, defense and base building. In offense you will deploy troops from your mobile headquarters and watch as they storm down the battlefield shooting anything in their way – with you able to help out even more by using special cards such as smokescreens and bombing runs. In Defense you have to defend your base from an incoming attack – you don’t get to choose which units will deploy (they spawn from barracks you’ve placed in your base), but you can still lay special cards. In base building mode you’ll be able to use the cash you’ve earned through battle to purchase new buildings for your base, as well as managing your soldiers and assigning perks.

GUNS UP! Is a free to play game, but not pay to win. The things you can purchase with real cash are just time savers and cosmetic items like banners and cool little garden gnomes. It’s a fun game, with addictive gameplay, blood-splattered cartoony visuals, a very satisfying reward loop and lots of cool upgrades to kit out your army with. Join in the Beta now to start bombarding enemy bases.

GUNS UP! Is Also Available On PS4 Via The PSN Store

Download The GUNS UP! Beta Here (Steam)