Gunscape is a great new voxel based FPS construction kit that allows you to create your own single-player campaigns, co-op levels or multi-player arenas, tailoring the theme, weapons, enemies and power-ups to create your unique vision.

The crafting is remarkably easy once you get the hang of it, with the basic level layout created out of Minecraft-style cubes, then filled with a wide selection of decorations and interactive objects.  There will be a large choice of themes, ranging from early classics to the modern triple-A stealth and war shooters.  Levels can then be uploaded, shared and voted on, so there will allways be a huge selection of content to play.

There were no single-player levels available at time of testing, but Multi-player death-matches are reminiscent of early shooters like Quake and Doom, fast paced and fun, with a nice selection of weaponry, power-ups and enemies to keep things interesting.  Gunscape is shaping up to be a very powerful FPS tool-kit, where it’s both fun to create and fun to play.

UPDATE: The Full Game Is Now Available On Steam