GunWorld – Alpha Demo

GunWorld 1

GunWorld is a fun retro homage to classic 8-bit action games and 80’s action movies that features challenging gameplay, non-linear progression, huge bosses and guns that literally grow on trees!

As in Megaman, players are able complete a series of levels in any order they choose, unlocking weird and wonderful weaponry as they do.  It features old school precision platforming with a satisfyingly challenging difficulty level.  There’s also co-op play, big bosses with attack patterns to master and a wonderfully ridiculous plot involving the president asking you to save the world from aliens who are killing your GunMothers (magical plants which grow guns).

Needless to say GunWorld is a charmingly silly game, full of OTT weaponry and tough as nails gameplay.  A great love letter to classic 8-bit action games such as Megaman and Contra, and steeped in the excesses of the 80’s. Gr8-Bit.

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