GUTS – Beta Demo

GUTS is hilariously OTT limb dismembering fighting game in which the matches only end when players are beaten to bloody stump!

We first featured GUTS on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign up phase and were impressed with its comically ultra-violent gameplay in which you win by literally ripping the limbs off your opponent. The current Alpha Demo build features three playable characters, playable in local multiplayer, single player exhibition matches or story mode – with fully animated cutscenes and wonderfully weird narratives!

In GUTS there is no health bar, your health is essentially the amount of limbs you have left. Normal kicks and punches don’t do much other than knock your opponent around, cause a lot of blood splatter and fill your GUTS bar. Once your GUTS bar is full, you can unleash a powerful GUTS move which will send you opponent flying and rip off one of their appendages in the process. The levels also have a variety of different hazards that you can knock your opponent into, which will also rip off appendages. Players continue to fight, until they’re just bloody limbless stumps, then if they’re hit by one more GUTS move or hazard then they’ll lose.

It’s a fun game, with a great sense of humor and some fantastically over the top body dismembering gameplay that would even cause Mortal Kombat to reach for a barf bag. Well worth checking out for some lighthearted, blood-splattered mayhem. Players who play the current demo build will also unlock exclusive golden weapon skins, bonuses and retain their progress in the full game upon release. So join in now for some brutal body mutilating fun!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The GUTS Beta Demo Here (Steam)